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Check out our latest, Episode 13 now on AETN's YouTube page. “For the Love of Farming” takes us to the Arnold Family Farm in Alma, Arkansas. Randy and Vicki Arnold have been growing and selling strawberries since 2010, but have been farming for over 20 years! The strawberry "patch" consists of 5 acres and over 75,000 plants! In June of 2013 they opened Arnold Family Farm Store on HWY 71, 5 miles north of Alma. They offer strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, as well as many other fresh, local fruits and vegetables. Their little red general store is stocked with jams, syrups, fruit butters, Stonemill Bread, frozen chicken, beef, and other grocery items. Check out our show that tells a little more about their story. Hear how proud Randy's dad, Fred, is of his son and how he still helps out at the farm even though he hated farming when he was little. His dad used to make him work hard when other kids were playing, but Fred is so proud of his son, he moved out by him to help out. So sweet! To learn more, check out the Episode 13 page that gives you more information about the Arnold Family Farm, our Chef Talk blog post and the Brooks Strawberry Pie recipe featured on show.


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Here is a little bit of information about who we are and how it happened. Bod High Productions, a small production company out of Rogers, has put together this new AETN/PBS show Cook with Brooks. It is an Arkansas focused Farm-to-Table show with host Chef Steven Brooks. This is a documentary style educational program with emphasis on local farmers, restaurants, chefs, and any other interesting stories we can find about food. We believe we can make it entertaining and more than just a cooking show. We air on Saturdays nights at 5 p.m. and Sundays at 10:30 a.m.. This is good because we are at the end of a well established afternoon cooking block one day and a agricultural block the next.

As a team of three, Jeremy Duckworth, Steven Brooks, and Michelle Hammarstrom have worked together over 4 years on various cooking shows, so we are a strong proven team this is proud of what we are doing. We may not get rich doing it, but feel it is a story that needs to be captured about the Farm-to-Table movement in Arkansas. Where our food comes from and who grows it is important. We need to stay connected to the food chain and understand the value of what we put in our mouths.

We are always looking for individuals and fellow businesses to support us in our mission of putting a spotlight on local farms and businesses, while giving you a delicious recipe. If you would like to help support our show directly since AETN is not paying for it, we would love your support to make sure we have the money to do the show right. We need funding, just like any show. We feel that given the fact, Chef Steven Brooks and the producer Jeremy Duckworth have done 290 episodes together, we are a proven team.

There are two options for you to help support our show. You can either give an individual gofundme donation or you can become an underwriter. A one time donation will always really help with the productions of the show, but your spot will help us to staff the production team locally. Your spot will forever be embedded in the episode. You will have greater reach statewide than any other Arkansas network. Your audience will be affluent and educated. You will align your brand with PBS, voted most trustworthy institution nationally for seven consecutive years. Your message with be in a clutter free environment. You will have more bang for your buck with our affordable underwriting levels. Please see support us page for more details.

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