7 Reasons why you should be an Underwriter

To associate your company with the quality of the PBS product and audience, and to allow your company to share in the success of public broadcasting in a commercial- free environment where your message will be clearly seen and heard by a unique audience. AETN is broadcast across the state through the stations on the right, giving us more reach than any other network in the state.

AETN is Arkansas’s only statewide public media network that not only delivers local, award-winning productions relevant to Arkansans but is one of 175 Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member stations licensed by the FCC. Viewership during primetime (7p.m. - 10 p.m.) is approximately 13,635 households (2.4 people per house- hold ) watchings during any average quarter hour. Therefore, during primetime, there are approximately 33,000 people viewing AETN at any given time. During the day, about 5,700 households are watching throughout the day. So at any given time, approximately 14,000 people viewing AETN at any given time.

For seven consecutive years, the American public has rated PBS the most trustworthy institution among nationally known organizations. 80% of Americans agree that money given to PBS stations from government, corporations and individuals is well spent. And 68% of PBS viewers feel that companies who fund PBS have a commitment to quality and excellence. Their programs have won nearly 500 Emmy awards, regional, national and international awards.

Statistics show that the PBS audience is more educated and affluent than other television viewers, and that the PBS audience has more leaders in business and persons active in their communities. 27% more likely to own a home valued over 1/2 million. 59% are investors. 74% are more likely to be members of charitable organizations.

Viewers themselves agree about the quality of PBS programming. 93% of PBS viewers agreed that PBS programming is entertaining. 92% agreed that watching a PBS program is time well spent. 92% agreed that PBS programming is stimulating 80% agreed that PBS sets the standards for quality programming. And the viewers have a strong favor- able perception of PBS underwriters. 57% of PBS viewers agree that underwriters are usually industry leaders. 66% of PBS viewers would chose to buy a product from a company that supports PBS, all other things being equal.

PBS underwriting provides your company with the opportunity to align your brand and products with its high impact non-commercial programs. Your underwriting spot can be tailored to complement your marketing goals and to help ensure that you reach your target audience. PBS is recognized for programming strongly associated with quality, excellence, respect and entertainment. Underwriters experience what PBS calls the "halo effect" as these values attributed to PBS shows cross over to you as underwriter.

Moreover, the non-commercial environment lets your message stand out and have greater impact. Underwriting spots typically comprise 55 seconds at the front and back of each PBS broadcast show. Your 7 second, 15 second or 30 second spot will appear at both ends of the show. Thus, underwriting spots comprise less than 2 minutes per show, versus approximately 15 minutes on a commercial broadcast. By this clutter free environment, your spot is more noticed, and your company gains the appreciation of the PBS audience making available non-commercial and uninterrupted programming.

On a 13 episode show, with a 30 seconds spot, on a total of 52 airings, repeating your message for a total of 26 minutes per season. Assuming a total cost of $36,000 for the 30 second spot, this comes to less than $700 per 30 second underwriting spot. This compares to $50,000 and up for a one-time 30 second spot on other broadcast networks. But more importantly, under- writing spots are put together in "pods" that attach to the show. Therefore your spot will stay with the show whenever it is aired, i.e. in reruns and additional weekly airings as is common in the PBS system. Thus, depending on the success of the show, the show might, for example, be shown in three time slots on a given station per week, thus increasing the value of your spot's air time. And your commercial spot will stay with the show whenever it is shown for years to come.

We will be the only show on this network produced in Northwest Arkansas telling our stories. The AETN and viewers wanted to hear our stories so much, that AETN has gaven us airtime, but we still own the show. It gives you a great network, but also gives us the freedom to do things in on-line marketing that was not previously allowed.

We will show off local food and independent businesses and why they matter. We want to educate people on why they should care about the quality of food they eat and to know where it comes from. We want them to look for value in quality products and services, especially if accompanied by a good story. Help us tell the good story of food and be champions with us.

Here is the transmitters reach for our show statewide on PBS.

Here is the transmitters reach for our show statewide on PBS.

“After careful consideration, we chose this timeslot to expose the most Arkansans to our newest program with the least amount of unforseen preemptions possible.”


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