Season 1 Episode 3

Season 1 Episode 3

White River Creamery

It is ready to share with the world and the friends of White River Creamery in Elkins, Arkansas. The fact of our love of goat cheese was enough of a reason to get out there. But, it was also our first chance to get out to the farm and see that side of the story of food. We had been in the kitchen at the Eleven Restaurant at Crystal Bridges Museum of Art and Wood Stone Craft Pizza in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Both were great places to learn about the Farm-to-Table movement and to see recipes inspired by local ingredients. Although that was fun to learn about, we really enjoyed getting out and meeting the families that work so hard to create those ingredients. Little did we know what a great story they had to share. This was a life changing decision to move here and start the farm. So glad they did and hopefully this Episode with tell you a little more about them and spread the word about what a great family they are.

Plus, Chef Brooks created a great Chicken Slider Recipe using their cheese. That along with other Local Ingredients made a great dish.

• Spicy 3 Pepper Fromage Blanc
• Chicken from Crystal Lake Farms
• Sliced pork belly bacon from Bansley Berkshire Ridge
• Ozark Mountain Bibb Lettuce from Ozark All Seasons Farm

Enjoy this new Cook with Brooks while we work on making more for you. Our next show, we will be going out to Tricyle Farms in Fayetteville to learn about what they are doing there to feed the community around them. After going to Greenhouse Grill for a fundraising event for them, it peaked our interest, so we had to get out there for the Live United day. There will be a lot of volunteers out there from Wal-mart, so can't wait to get that story wrapped up to share with you. Thanks again for your support!


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