Who we are...

Steven Brooks

The Host and Executive Producer, knows food. With over 10 years experience as an Executive Chef for various local restaurants and Country Clubs, he has mastered the art of cooking. He currently is the Executive Chef for Tankersley Food Service. In this position, he works on a daily basis with the farms and connects them with the restaurants that want local, sustainable food. He is passionate about representing them and giving their stories a voice. After already doing shows for over 2 years on Cooking Today on KNWA, he is ready to get out of the kitchen and tell the whole story of food.

Jeremy Duckworth

This Executive Producer/Director/Camera man/Editor, knows how to produce a TV show. With over 280 shows with Steven, they are truly a team. Together, in their first year, they produced a show that won the Arkansas Broadcasting Association's 2014 Outstanding Production of the Year. Jeremy brings his knowledge of the camera, as well as how to director others in front of the camera. With over 13 years as an actor himself, he has learned all aspects of working in the TV and Film industry. He honestly would love to be the one in front of the camera, but his cooking skills are lacking. So for now, he makes Steven look good and we all have fun doing it. 

Michelle Hammarstrom

This Marketer/Creative Director, knows about marketing for small businesses and food. After years of living in Jackson Hole and Portland, Maine working at local newspapers, she has a passion for small businesses and the stories they have to tell. But in the last five years, she was in the world of shopper marketing for Wal-mart and Sam's Club. Having clients like MARS Chocolate, Crayola, Bayer, DPSG, and ConAgra helped her learned all about marketing food and the challenges the food industry is facing.  These experiences, along with her love of sustainability, gardening and local communities, has made her a strong member of this team. 

We hope to bring local Food stories to life.  We are not writers, so we may not use the best words. We are not looking to get rich, so big companies are not our backers. We are just wanting to tell the stories that are not covered on your local news or radio. We are a documentary style educational program with emphasis on local farmers, restaurants, chefs, and any other interesting stories we can find about food. We believe we can make it entertaining and more than just showing you how to cook.