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We are finally done editing our first episode and moving on to shooting the next. The Eleven Restaurant at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art was an amazing first show. The relationship between Steven and Executive Chef Bill Lyle and Case Dighero is fun to listen to. Case and Steven have a history together that includes co-owning a restaurant and friendship spanning 17 yrs. It looks great and we will have it up on our YouTube page in the next week.

Because we are telling stories about small family farms and businesses, we don’t have big companies as our backers. Therefore, we need your support to get this show up and running full steam ahead. Partners don’t want to give money until we get airtime. Networks don’t want to give us airtime until we have shows. So the shows are being created out of our own pockets at this time. We are able to push on, but any help we are able to get would be very much appreciated. Please support us in our mission to tell the whole story of food. We want to make this show fun for viewers, while filling a much needed niche that’s going on right now in the food industry. We want to share our NWA perspective about the food, the farms and the people who love to share it.

Check out our GoFundMe page. We would be so grateful to any money you can give to help us start this program created by local people right here in NWA and not by a large network that is not connected to the community. #KeepGrowing


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