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Please share your show ideas or give feedback on what you have seen. We are open to learn and grow.

We also would love to hear from you if you are interested becoming an underwriter for our statewide Arkansas program on AETN/PBS. Although we have started season 1 this January, we still have a couple spots open. Becoming an underwriter is a great way to support our mission. We want to give local farmers and restaurants a spotlight, while educating people on what's going on right now in Arkansas's statewide food community. Whether is an restaurant the is locally sourcing it's food, a farmer who started a community garden to feed the hungry in his neighborhood or a story to help people remember where it all starts when we sit at the table. Whatever the story, we will paired it with recipe to make this show fun for viewers to come back for more.

As an underwriter, what we have to offer is pretty great value for any business. 

TOP REASONS TO BECOME AN UNDERWRITER: Click here to see full details.

  1. Forever - When you buy a spot at the beginning and end of the show, your brand will forever be embedded in the episode with potential reruns and syndication nationally.
  2. Reach - You will have greater reach statewide than any other Arkansas network.
  3. Reputation - You will align your brand with PBS, voted most trustworthy institution nationally for seven consecutive years.
  4. Viewership - You will have 14,000 to 33,000 eyes on the show at any given time, 52 times a year.
  5. Audience - Statistics show that the PBS audience is more affluent and educated than other television viewers. 59% are investors. 74% are more likely to be members of charitable organizations. 
  6. Clutter free environment - Your message will stand out in a non-commercial environment having a greater impact.
  7. Arkansas focus - Because you want to support a local production company, the farmers you love at the farmers markets and the restaurants that use their ingredients.
  8. More bang for your buck - The value is really great, so please contact us to discuss details on Underwriter Levels. Signing up for the first season is due November 15, so don't wait.

Check out this example of what is possible with underwriter spots on one of our favorite PBS shows.  Also, here is the underwriter guidelines we have to comply with on the show, but our on-line media is open to any marketing we feel sticks with our brand. 

Call 479-936-1738 today to set up a meeting to talk through the options by November 15th for Season 1 or email us at cookwithbrooks@gmail.com.  


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