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Chef Talk – Thank you and ready to party!

What a ride this has been. Said with the biggest smile! So...I am just a kid from Alabama that moved to Arkansas and the world has been opened to me! 

I am so proud of the Cook with Brooks team. Jeremy Duckworth and Michelle Hammarstrom have been a blessing in my life. Jeremy and I did 282 episodes of 'Cooking Today' on KNWA in 2014 and 2015. He made me believe that we could accomplish anything. Michelle keeps us focused on the goals we have which is simply to tell the stories of Arkansas food. It is a story worth telling.

Now it is really happening and you guys are going to see what we have been working so hard on. Our promo is running on AETN everyday (super awesome). The press release went out last week and we were on the cover of the Harrison newspaper. We are getting close, but are still planning on doing more up to when our show premieres on January 7th.  This month, we have more new episodes to film. Can't wait to get out to Paul Chapracki farm to see all he provides to Native Nectar who has its fingers on a lot of local products through juicing.

First, we would like to thank AETN for making us part of their amazing team. DeWayne L. Wilbur for listening to us and giving us a chance. The Senior Producer, Casey Sanders has been nothing but helpful, understanding and welcoming.  The Promotions Manager, Tiffany Head, was vital on sending out our press release that spread the word around this great state.  Look forward to working more with Julie Thomas, Katie Culpepper, Larmon Vanwinkle and Jess Setzler to make our print and on-line presents shine. They are providing support and helping us learn the ropes of public television on a daily basis, so my team wants to thank you very much. 

Secondly, we want to thank the folks who came on as underwriters to Season 1 of our show.  You have a team behind this show who is really excited and can't wait to make you proud. Thank you all for your support.

Tankersley Food Service, LLC - This is the company I have my day job with and they are thrilled to play a major roll in the show.

Metro Appliances and More - This company supported me back on my old show too and so happy to have them on board again.

Rick McLeod Agency - Farmers Insurance and Financial Services is a big part of the community in downtown Rogers and happy they remembered their roots of helping farmers.

Richter Solar Energy - We are a big supporter of making the earth a cleaner planet.  So happy to have Flint Richter getting some exposure around the state.

Springdale Farmers Market - James McGuire came on from the goodness in his heart and his love of AETN. We are so grateful that we are able to highlight them for all the state to see.

We also want to give special thanks to......
–  Bansley Berkshire Ridge Farm - Carol and Sean Bansley for your personal donation and support.
–  Hanna Family Ranch - Will and Walton for the use of your beautiful kitchen that they so graciously let us use.
–  Simple Machines - Sean and Ally Morrison have been so helpful on getting our website up and functioning the way we need it to. We are still working on it, but appreciate all they do.

Without the support of all of you, we would not be here. Thank you for seeing the value in what we are doing and the value of Public Television. For more details on who they are and how to find them, view our underwriters page.

Save the date

We will also be having a Premiere Launch Party on January 7th to launch our show! We will be inviting anyone who loves farms, the seed-to-fork movement and Public Television. Overalls will be welcome. Instead of a Barn Raising, will be doing a "Show Raising" to help build up this show into what it needs to be. Details to come very soon. We have a lot of ideas for the party and will announce the full details on the 15th.

So excited and proud to part of the thriving Arkansas Food scene. We look forward to the future with AETN and sharing some great stories with all of you! We have some awesome recipes to share with you as well. Meet you in the kitchen.



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