Chef Talk - Feeling blessed

Chef Talk – Feeling blessed

Wow………It has been such a busy time. What a great time to be a chef in the food industry! Really, it has all taken on new meaning for me. See, I have been so fortunate with what I do that I have been able to travel all over . Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee in the early part of my career opening units and learning how to manage. I have worked in some trend setting gourmet grocery stores. Moved to Arkansas and just like my mother said, “your gonna find exactly what you have been looking for”. And she was right!!!!

I have worked in clubs. Had my own restaurant with my friend Case. Soul Restaurant was the best learning experience that I have had. Now working for a Foodservice company has just changed my whole outlook. Getting the chance to bring all these great farms to the eyes, ears and hands of the best chefs in Arkansas and Oklahoma has been very liberating and has made my focus on education. I was able to do that with having a daily cooking show, ‘Cooking Today’ for two years, with over 280 episodes. Now with the opening of Brightwater, Center for the Study of Food, and getting a chance to share all that has been given to me with my students! It is a real BLESSING!!!!!! And now a show statewide on AETN…WOW!!

My perspective has had a total change. I look at restaurants, all aspects, causal, fine dining and fast food different. Maybe because I get to go into the back door of so many kitchens each week. Maybe because I have seen so many chefs take on a greater caring about the ingredients they serve. Whatever the reason for the change, makes me smile with delight!

I am a living example that you can do anything you set your mind to. And if you believe, all things are possible! To all the people that have had Faith in me and Believed in me like, my sweet momma Sharon. My late father George. Chefs Scott Berg, Paul DeMartino, Case Dighero. My wife Mandy and my kid, Noah. My friend and producer Jeremy Duckworth! All of my family and friends. I am so grateful. Without your Love and Support I would not be here in this place on the road! I will not let you down!


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