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Cook with Brooks on the Big Screen.

We did it!

Watching Cook with Brooks with Don BennettLast night was so rewarding just to stand next to Don Bennett, the founder of Tri Cycle Farms and see his expression. It is a 30 minute show, but felt like 10 minutes. I guess that is good because it means it was entertaining, but it went so fast.  I found myself to be emotional and so happy I wanted to cry, but kept myself together.  Unless you have worked in TV, I don’t think people understand how much work one episode takes. A lot, but once you see it on the air, it is all worth it.

This episode started with an trip to Wood Stone Craft Pizza for an episode you will see soon. While there shooting, Jerrmy Gawthrop, who is an owner of that restaurant and Greenhouse Grille, told us of an event he was doing for his birthday. His idea of a great present was to create an event that brought people together, but benefited a local community garden, Tri Cycle Farms. At the time, we didn’t really know what the farm was all about, but learned a lot from talking to Don that night. The seed was planted to grow the idea of what to do for an episode.

We made it out to Tri Cycle Farms following that dinner to learn more about what they do and the story behind the farm. A Northwest Arkansas magazine, Edible Ozarkansas, wrote an amazing article last year on them, so please read more HERE. If you really want to experience and learn more about Tri Cycle Farms, go out to there farm anytime. You can usually find Don out and about doing something in the fields or bringing fresh ingredients to a local kitchen.

We hope you enjoyed our first episode. Please give us feedback. We would love to hear from you.

Episode 2, we visit the first and only Cidery in Arkansas. “Brewing Change,” looks at Black Apple Crossing, in downtown Springdale. Brooks discusses the important role the brewery is playing in the revitalization of downtown Springdale, as well as the history of apples and chickens in the area. In the kitchen, Brooks makes Cider Pork Tacos inspired by the Princess Peach cider and the Taqueria across the street. Check it out next Saturday!

A Cook with Brooks showing raising party!

Two weeks to go

In two weeks, we will get eyes from all across Arkansas. We are excited for the first episode of COOK WITH BROOKS to air on Saturday, January 7, at 5 p.m.! Please join us for an informal WATCH PARTY at Brick Street Brews in downtown Rogers, Arkansas. We can’t wait for everyone to see the first episode featuring Tri Cycle Farms and the Ozark Beer Dinner at the Greenhouse Grille.  We are looking forward to this opportunity to celebrate and see a few local chefs on the ‘Big Screen’. JOIN US! We will have some nibbles prepared by Chef Brooks, ice cold beverages served up by Brick Street Brews and door prizes! Kids welcome!

This is pretty exciting for us because that was our goal from the beginning. We wanted to be statewide, own the show, and be on a network we were proud of. Check, check, check! This was a risk for us to take. Michelle quit her full-time in shopper marketing to focus on the show. She created this blog, and helped shoot and edited 7 shows with no pay. Her husband, Jeremy and her, took a lot of time from paid work with Bod High Productions, to focus on this dream. Chef Brooks took time away from his family and work to host this great show. It is the most fulling thing any of us have done and look forward to what this next year brings. More farms, local business, meals, and celebrations to experience.

Over the next year, we will keep you up-to-date with what is going on with our show on this blog and on our Facebook page. But because of our contract with AETN, you will also find all this information and more on their platforms as well. Our arrangement with AETN is new to them and us both, since we are the first show to be on their network, but be produced outside the network. We are both swimming in new waters. and we are all learning everyday what that means. But one thing we do know is that all the new information about upcoming shows will be shared through their AETN engage blog and Facebook page first. Doesn’t mean you won’t find it here, but you can also find out what we are up to through them.

Please continue to follow us on all platforms and look forward to this upcoming year! Already have the next two episodes shot, now on to editing and making the magic.