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Pork Loin with cranberry vegetable medley.

Pork Loin with Cranberry Root Vegetable Medley

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So the year is coming to an end. Hope this recipe finds its way to the your table this holiday season. The delicious cranberries and pomegranates add a pop of...

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Baked Brie with Honeyed Raspberries and Walnuts

Baked Brie with Honeyed Raspberries and Walnuts

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Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season. Here is a quick recipe to keep your guest happy while your finishing up the meal in the kitchen or for playing...

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Brooks Strawberry Pie

Brooks Strawberry Pie

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This recipe comes from the family recipe box for the Brooks family. When we knew in Episode 13 that we were doing strawberries, there was no question on what recipe...

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Chicken, fennel and arugula salad with orange dressing

Fennel and Arugula Chicken salad with orange dressing

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If you want a healthy meal, you have got to try this delicious salad with orange dressing and a side of crispy chicken. All made from scratch right here in our Cook...

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Chef Talk: Berry Delicious Family Recipe

Chef Talk: Berry Delicious Family Recipe

Well, we are a little behind on posting after a little vacation, but back to summarize our thoughts on the last episode and the end of Season 1.

Randy Arnold at Arnold Family Farm

The Arnold Family Farm was so fun to visit. Of course we went out looking for strawberries, but we also learned about their general store and also their chicken egg operation. The chickens is how it all started for Randy at this location and he has never looked back. As his father, Fred told us, that is all Randy ever wanted to do even if he didn’t suggest that life for him.

Hard at work

Randy logging information in the chicken house after we gathered a few eggs for show.

Randy gets up earlier that I can imagine everyday and takes care of business. You would truly have to love what you are doing, to do that every morning. But he does without complaint. His parents have supported him all along the way because he is such a good son. Fred even claims he never had to spank him, but once. It was always after a visit to the grandparents that would make Randy act up, which I can totally relate with my kid.

While out picking, we got to learn about what they have been doing to educate kids about farming and where their food comes from. What started as a half-day field trip for a few Crawford County kindergarten students six years ago, has become an outdoor classroom experience for more than 1,000 children and parents. Check out this video the Farm Bureau had put together a few weeks before we were there. So happy they grabbed some great footage from.  Thank you again for providing that footage!

After going through the process of growing strawberries and then picking these strawberries, I went back to the kitchen to make a homemade pie, crust and all. This is a Brooks family secret I’m sharing with you. Our recipe for pie crust is so good, man, it’s going to make this strawberry pie just plain delicious.

Because of the additional general store footage and farm, we had to cut a lot from this episode. We didn’t even get to show you how to make the Whip Cream topping. We shot it of course, so we will create a little video to show you how to finish of this delicious, refreshing dish as soon as we can. Look for it here and on Social Media.

Whip Cream Recipe

WHAT’S NEXT: We are in the process of working out details for Season 2, so don’t have anymore info to share about future episodes. What we do know is that it has been fun and there are a lot of stories out there to tell. More stories that episodes, but we will do our best to get out there and capture what is happening as well as give you ideas on what to do with that produce. Until then, support your local farmers markets and let know what you are doing with the Arkansas Grown Produce.

Thanks again for your support and keep watching each week!

Chef Brooks and Jay Fulbright picking edible flowers.

Chef Talk: Greens and Flowers Galore

We are back from our short break in new shows this season with three new ones to share. Over the next few weeks, you will see some new faces and learn more about what is going on in the food story of Arkansas. I have been traveling around this great state meeting so many great people, I have been so overwhelmed with all of the outpouring of acceptance for what we have done with this program. The entire “Cook with Brooks” team is very proud and look forward to season 2.

First, let me tell you a little bit about our next show. A few months ago, I was lucky enough to take a trip out to Arkansas Natural Produce. I was so overwhelmed with all this guy was growing, I called my crew right afterwards and said, ‘We have got to do a show on this farm.’ After a couple attempts because of the weather, we finally got the chance to find out how Jay Fulbright and family have been growing food for the last 20 years. Even though we didn’t get his wife on camera, she is a big part of this operation and he couldn’t do it without her.

Jay Fulbright on the Tractor

This is high quality, chef-approved fresh produce in Hot Springs County. All the crops are grown using organic practices. He grows all kinds of amazing greens like gourmet spring mix, microgreens, edible flowers, fresh herbs and peppers in one of the largest greenhouse operations in Arkansas. I wanted to find fennel and some tasty and colorful greens.

I loved the hunt through all of these greenhouses and we found the perfect ingredients to travel back to the kitchen for my Fennel and Aragula Chicken Salad. There was so much to pick from, but it’s all worth it to get my hands dirty picking my own. Love my trips out to the farm.  Can’t wait to get out to some more this summer.


UP NEXT: We take you to Brightwater: A Center for the Study of Food in Bentonville, Arkansas. Because Chef Brooks teaches there, he give you an experience in the classroom that you won’t forget. Stayed tuned for more details on next weeks show on Facebook. Please keep up with us by following us on there and Instagram. We are always on there letting you know what we are up to. Just had an amazing response to a post about the Pink Tomato Festival. We had 153 shares and almost 30,000 views and we didn’t even boost the post. Sounds like Bradley County is excited about us wanting to come down there and do a show. Can’t wait to get out and experience the rest of Arkansas.


Wide view of Fayetteville Roots Festival

Chef Talk: Roots in Music and Food

When I came to Arkansas in 2000, I was stunned by the beauty of The Natural State.  Northwest Arkansas is a great place to get your Ozark legs! There are so many great things going on here: a growing community filled with transplants from all over that work to support the retails giants; world wide trucking and rail company; the world poultry leader; and lots of educated palates. It helps make the region of the “Ozarks” unique.

14051692_10153613376355927_7024974322774976139_n 14054021_10153613376275927_5742992163173949244_n IMG_5689

In this episode of “Cook with Brooks,” we enjoyed some fun at the Fayetteville Roots Festival. They had some of the most talented chefs in this area of the country, collaborate for the VIP kick-off party at Garner Farm. It was a night full of music and food. Twelve chefs were paired up to make six delicious dishes that everyone could enjoy. People were sitting at beautiful white tables, standing around and listening to some amazing music. We were so lucky to be apart of it and see what our local food community can do when they come together.


Then they come to the historic Fayetteville square to compete in the Chef Cook-off, for cash and prizes, and to support locally-sourced food! And, with the help of some great sponsors, give 100s of pounds of food to the chefs’ favorite charities. Jason Paul and Matt Scott won with this dish below giving their winnings to Tri Cycle Farms, one of our favorite farms we featured on Episode 1.

Winning dish for the Chef Cook-off

I am lucky to be one of the judges of this group of heavy hitters!

judges for the Chef Cook-off

I will also make a trip around the Fayetteville Farmers Market to get supplies for my dish: lamb chops and a neat pear-herb medley!

CWB 110_final dish

Thanks to the great crowd and support of this event as we are working to feed the hungry! IT’S WHAT CHEFS DO!

MORE TO THE STORY: Other great resources in the great state of Arkansas!

4 Days at the Fayetteville Roots Festival

Steven with Will Hanna

The other pink meat?

Nothing in Arkansas is bigger than pig. Physically and culturally they have made their mark, but they are also a big deal on the plate.  Here in northwest Arkansas, their has been a movement to raise some variety of breeds that most Americans have not tried in their life-time. Most pork, you think of the ‘other white meat’, but the reality is, a lot of pork is pink. Hertiage breeds and Berkshire breeds are two of the varieties that both farms we looked for this episode. We go into what makes them different in flavor, size, and stature. All the pigs are raised outside on green grassy pastures with fresh air, sunshine, with a stress free life. All this good living gives their porks amazing flavor and quality.

Hanna Family Ranch in Bentonville has focused on the Hertiage breeds that are kind of silly looking, but quite tasty. They are longer and more slender with floppy ears that cover their eyes. This is to protect their eyes while rooting around.

Floppy Ears


The Bansley’s are more in the business of breeding the Berkshire breed.  You can tell they truly love these animals. They were always petting and scratching their dirty little backs. You can hear the pride they have, knowing they are doing everything they can to make life good for these pigs. Plus, they recently got solar panels to make sure they area doing things right for the earth too.

CWB 109-PettingPig


Both farms are owned by the nicest folks around. We have had the pleasure of meeting both families many times and they are highly regarded in the food community in Northwest Arkansas. So happy we could show them off to the rest of the state.

If you would like to buy any local meat directly from the families, contact information is below.

Will and Waltina Hanna

Hanna Family Ranch

Waltina and Will Hanna



Carol and Sean Bansley

Bansley’s Berkshire Ridge

Sean and Carol Bansley

Bansleys Berkshire Ridge Farms


Thanks again for watching and looking forward to finishing off our last three shows for Season 1 for you. They will start airing this coming June.